Jeanne Fiedler


  • Primary Skill Poet-Ballad
  • Other Skills Instrument Player-Harmonica
  • Address 52 Lexington Court
  • Language English
  • Website

I love poetry, music and art to uplift my moods and emotions. Also to understand and be aware of what is going on inside me, and how to change it. I use it for personal transformation and try to help others see what they never saw and grow from this.

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I started out as a web poet, then started getting into magazines and journals, as
well as high profile things online. Then I got interested in writing children's books, and now I have eight books published. I also love nature photography, jewelry designing and handcrafts, and I love playing folk and blues ballads on the harmonica. I've taken courses from the TLA Network and will be receiving my certificate soon.

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