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Money Dark Truth Her—last Poems
Night Wind on the Hill The Land of Dreams
The Ocean's Song To Zoë Failure
Day and Night The Battle of Life Summer Sun
True Beauty To Winter Après la bataille
The Chatterbox Peace The Summer I Was Sixteen
The wanderer Ego A Bird Came Down
War A Red Flower Summer Midnight
C'est à coups de canon qu'on ren Yes Ah! c'est un rêve! non! nous n'y
The Seeker The Rose of Midnight Armies in the Fire
A Dog's Mistake A Little Girl's Prayer In Time Of Silver Rain
March Prayer A Character
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind A Ballad of the Two Knights The Given Heart
Desolation The Red Poppy A Valentine
Childless Father, The Seeking Beauty My November Guest
Follow Thy Fair Sun Written After Swimming from Sest Psalm IV
In The Harbour: The Wine Of Jura Palabras Cariñosas The Fire That Filled My Heart of
In spring and summer winds may b My Hero Bares His Nerves Memorial Day
The Men of the Open Spaces Of Godly Fear Sleep! Sleep! Beauty Bright
Spanish Dancer Summer Night, Riverside Leaves Compared with Flowers
Garden of Love, The The Testimony Of Light Obelar dak
Farewell and adieu.... Flower God, God Of The Spring A ballad that we do not perish
Souvenirs Of Democracy manushyata An Indian Summer Day on the Prai

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