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List of Musicians
List of Musicians and Bands
instrument players
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Here you will find a List of Bands and List of Musicians who have registered with our site.

The Musicians are shown under different categories based on the general Instrument players categories like Guitar, Violin, Flute etc. The table below provides a summary of the Instrumental Players who have registered into the site.

Clicking on the category links will provide the details of all the Musicians under that category.
Harmonium (0) Tabla (0) Sitar (0)
Guitar (2) Flute (0) Keyboard (1)
Violin (1) Saxophone (0) Piano (1)
Organ (0) Drums (0) Bagpipes (0)
Double-Bass (0) Banjo (0) Harmonica (1)
Harpsichord (0) Sarod (0) Mandolin (0)
Oboe (0) Accordion (0) Bandoneon (0)
Bass (0) Bassoon (0) Cello (0)
Clarinet (0) Harp (0) Santoor (0)
Horn (0) Lute (0) Veena (0)
Percussion (0) Piccolo (0) Recorder (0)
Timpani (0) Trombone (0) Trumpet (0)
Tuba (0) Viola (0) Viola da Gamba (0)
Whistler (1)
Here you will find List of Musicians classified based on the Country in which they belong to and have registered with our site. Clicking on the country links will provide the details of all the musicians from the selected country.
India (1) United States (2) Germany(0)
Afghanistan(0) Argentina(0) Australia(0)
Austria(0) Bahrain(0) Bangladesh(0)
Belgium(0) Brazil(0) Bulgaria(0)
Burma(0) Canada (1) China(0)
Colombia(0) Denmark(0) Egypt(0)
England(0) Finland(0) France(0)
Greece(0) Indonesia(0) Iraq(0)
Ireland(0) Israel(0) Italy(0)
Iran(0) Japan(0) Jordan(0)
Kenya(0) Kazakhstan(0) Korea(0)
Kuwait(0) Libya(0) Luxembourg(0)
Malaysia(0) Maxico(0) Myanmar(0)
Nepal(0) Netherlands(0) New Zealand(0)
North Korea(0) Oman(0) Pakistan(0)
Panama(0) Paraguay(0) Peru(0)
Philippines(0) Poland(0) Portugal(0)
Puerto Rico(0) Romania(0) Russia (1)
Saudi Arabia(0) Scotland(0) Seychelles(0)
Singapore(0) South Africa(0) South Korea(0)
Spain(0) Sri Lanka(0) Sudan(0)
Swaziland(0) Sweden(0) Switzerland(0)
Thailand(0) Turkey(0) United Kingdom (1)
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